the international advisory board

IAB Introductory Services Overview

IAB ensures business engagements are made between decision makers. All too often much time and effort is spent in the process of reaching a decision maker which can be a frustrating exercise and in some cases difficult to determine. IAB enjoys the ability to resource and identify opportunities generated from the network that would likely be inaccessible or unknown. IAB is purely an information delivery system, a high-level introducer and does not provide investment advisory services or handle funds. Partners work with their own professional advisors concerning any opportunity which is almost always processed law firm to law firm. Opportunities can range from M & A, real estate, infrastructure to IPO’s and the financing of next generation disruptive technologies. Leading universities and emerging technology developers are carefully monitored along with breakthrough IP. Both short and longer-term opportunities arise and IAB will only disseminate the relevant information upon specific request.


Board Level Engagements
Quality Deal Flow
Funding Network
Corporate Finance
Legal/Audit/Advisory - Partner Level
IPO Structuring/Advisory
Project Finance
Strategic Partnership Advisory
Institutional & Retail Brokerage
International Corporate Structuring and Tax Advisory


Onshore/Offshore Banking Introduction
Global Tax Advisory
Wealth & Asset Management Advisory
Property Management Services
Generational Wealth Management
Family Offices